About - Luis Sales

"Always seeing something, never seeing nothing, being photographer."

- Walter de Mulder

Name is Sales… Luis Sales. Family Man, IT Guy, Technology Geek, Aviation Lover and Photographer. Currently living with my family in Pembroke Pines, beautiful Florida.

I always liked taking pictures but when my wife gifted me my first DSLR, a Nikon D7000, some 4 or 5 years ago, that’s when I really got the “fever” and started discovering, all over again, the World around me, this time with new eyes, thru my camera’s viewfinder, learning to see.

I’ve learned much over the years and still keep learning. That’s one of the many great things about Photography: You never stop learning. I compare the pictures I take now with the ones I took at the beginning, several years ago, and I can say that I’ve learned a thing or two. Can’t wait to see what I’ll learn in the years to come!

What do I like to shoot? Well, everything! I think that anything around us can be a source of Inspiration for Photography. That’s why I shoot anything that captures my attention, that I find interesting.

Except for people... I have this “psychological” thing about portraits, people, dealing with different personalities… I just really don’t enjoy it so, please, never ask me to shoot people.

I do favor Landscapes, Nature and Wildlife but my favorite subject, above all, is Aviation. I just love Aviation, Airplanes, anything around it.

My love for Aviation was born back when I was 12 years old and took my first Airplane ride. Ever since then, I’ve kept my eyes always turned skywards.

I spent the whole year driving around Florida, chasing Airshows, and around MIA (Miami International Airport), spotting and shooting those beautiful metal birds.

I have a whole separate website dedicated only to Aviation Photography.

Another thing I greatly enjoy is HDR. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is, in plain English, a technique based on taking several pictures (recommended a minimum of 3) of the same scene, at different Exposure Levels,  from really dark to really light, and then combining them together so you can capture the whole range of luminosity from that scene.

Have you ever taken a picture of a room with a window and everything inside the room looks good but outside the window is all white or light? What about taking a picture of the family and getting the sky all lighted, with no details? HDR "takes care" of that.

Some people hate it. Some people abuse it. I personally think that it can create beautiful, awesome images when applied properly and tastefully.  

Photography is fun. Photography is passion. Photography opens for you the doors to a whole new World and pushes you to look at ours from a totally different perspective, teaching you to not only look but also see.

"Light is made up of Photons. I chase Light. I hunt for Light. Light is my prey.

I hunt with my Camera. It gives me the Power to freeze Moments.

I freeze Moments. I freeze Light. I steal it. I’m a Thief... A Photons Thief."

To take pictures that inspire, make people think, feel and see the world the way I see it through the lens on my camera, that to me is the real power and beauty of Photography. To achieve that is my biggest goal.

I hope you enjoy my Photos as much as I enjoy taking them.

Thanks for visiting!

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